Phones these days are very expensive. Considering that the top end phones cost above $1000, it is important to find phones that not only meet your budget but can be used correctly.

Buy second hand phones

Research before you buy

The first step towards buying any phone is to investigate the phone’s price range. Find out how much a phone’s value after a period e.g. two years or three years. In this way, you can be aware of the right price for purchasing the phone.

Know where to buy second-hand phonesphone

There is a whole range of places where you can do this. Buying online guarantees a wide selection of second-hand phones and therefore you will be thinking more about what phone you want to buy rather than the cost of each phone. You can find phones such as the Samsung’s and the IPhone’s on E-bay or any reputable website where you can get second-hand phones.

Or, you can buy smartphones in person. The great advantage of this is that you get to see the phone in person before you buy. Not only does it guarantee that you get to see the quality, but you also get to test the phone as well. However, you should spend more time on researching phones before you do this because this will be a time-consuming activity.

Learn how to negotiate deals

This is the part that can determine how much you pay for the second-hand phone. Do not be afraid of going for a low offer because then at least you can gauge what the owner wants for the phone. Think of price negotiating like a tug of war; you are trying to pull the owner towards your targeted price and vice versa. The main thing here does not be intimidated by the negotiations. Have your price range and stick with it.

Inspect the phone

phoneThis tip is for people who have bought online – always check the phone. If it is not working, then you either need to return it back or get it fixed. Second-hand phones tend to be more damaged than brand new phones so expect some wear and some damage to the phone. Ultimately, you need to be smart about buying second-hand phones. No one can know how good is a phone except the person who is buying it.